Taqtaq Oil Field  developed by Kurdistan Regional Government

Manufacturing a rig for drilling and WO

3 Wells were drilled
one shallow and two deep

Manufacturing a refinery to process oil

1.        Project-1 Centre in Hauler(Erbil), and manufacturing of  a Drilling-WO rig ( Capacity 160 tones), Production testing facilities, BOPS and Wire line BOP, Perforating Shots, etc.


A pilot plant constructed and production @ about 2150 bopd

started since Dec.1994, maily to supply cement and

other factories with fuel due to sever shortage due to

Saddam regime embargo on Kurdistan

 This project took place under UN protection

and a brave and responsible decision took

by the second Kurdistan Council of Ministers

especially the Prime Minister

His excellency Kosrat Rassul Ali

and Prime Minister Deputy

His excellency Dr. Rozh Nouri Shawais

but all necessary equipment and facilities were
manufactured locally under the full supervision


Chief Petroleum Engineer

CEO Mr. Hama-Jaza Saleh Kader,

He is the
founder of this project and got support and Budget
from the Kurdistan elected Parliament and Government


2.        Project-2 Centre in Sulaimanya and manufacturing a 15 000 bpd Refinery, and necessary Degassing facilities for the field.



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