Hannover/Germany, 14 October 2002

To: His excellency the President of USA

      His excellency the Secretary General of UN Mr. Kofi Annan

      The excellencies  members of Security Council


Defence Plan to Stop Deportation and Genocide of Kurdish Nation in South   Kurdistan(Middle/North/North West of Iraq) And an Energy Project Proposal

Still the systematic Genocide Operations of Kurdish Nation and other minorities such as Ashorian and Turkman are continuied and daily application of deportation and ethnic cleansing are strongly implemented by Iraqi Ba'ath regime in three provences( Kirkuk, Khanaqee, Shangar), and nothing were done by the UN, International Community, Islam and Arab people and their countries to stop such Anti-Humanity Operations, on contrast they provide in many cases assistance and cover to Saddam’s regime for such destructive operations regardless of  hundereds of memorandams  which were sent to UN, Security Council as well as to many other Countries and International organisations, and since 1991 we never realised that UN tried to apply seriously  its Resolution No. 688 ??? !!!

In their visit to Kurdistan-South(North Iraq) late 2000,2002, Mr.Benon Sivan and his mission, saw, realised and recognised, some of the deported families and people in Bardeqaraman refugie camp 50 Km to the East of Kurdish city  Kirkuk and in many other places, I think that its an impotant part of his mission duties to report these figures and facts to his  UN General Security Mr. Kofi Anan, to the members of Security Council and all UN members.

Its quite clear for every observers that under the present circumstances in Iraq, it's the top most obligations of UN and its Organisations to act seriosly, effectivly and rapidly to stop the progress of deportations and to assist the deported families in refugie camps to survive their routine life and to guarantee to them safety, food, health and education parallel with preparing an Anti-Deportation Plan to return these people safely to their mother lands as per 1957 statistics and the UN 688/1991 Resolution.

Not to implement such necessary  plan, UN and it's numerous organisations have no legal excuses, because according to UN Resolutions 687, 688, 986 and other extentions, the UN authorities have no budget problem which was and is the always's problem of UN activities.  We and UN knows that there are a huge surplus of money from selling Iraqi oil( including the selling of about 1.5 Million barrel daily from Kurdistan oil  which is produced under Ba'ath regression from Kirkuk oilfields, valued approx. 35-45 millions US dollars daily).

It must be, the top priority of UN programms to spend a good amount of these huge resourses to implement the above UN Resolutions especially to start spending on Plans to stop repression of  Kurdish and Iraqi people as per Res.688/1991.  

We understand that any further delay in searching for such Anti-Deportation/Repression Plans and their implementations will cost the deported/repressed people their lifes, their properties and their future, and this will be at first place the responsibilty of  Iraqi-Ba'ath goveronment, which is necessary to be put on an Internationl trial for its crimes against humanity, and it's  at second place the responsibilty of UN organisations to respond urgently to the calls of thousands of  deported/repressed families, tens of  NGOs active in Kurdistan, international organisations, personalities and especially from both De’Facto active regional goveronments in Sulaimanyah and Erbil.

The absence of an applicable plan(s), which were to be/must be systematically followed by the kurdistan people against the systematic Ethnic-Cleansing plans and operations  continued since 1920s, that is to say after the forming of Iraqi goveronment as a result of  I World War led to neglecting the Will and Request of  Kurdish Nation(30 Millions) to form its democratic goveronment on their owen Motherland-Kurdistan.

Yes, the absence of such Anti- Ethnic Cleansing/Repression plans locally and internationally led to more severer operations since 1963, and afterwards since 1968 i.e. the Coup  of present  Nationalist Ba'ath Party, and reached its Peaks in 1988 in so called Anfal 1, 2, 3, ...8 oprations by demolishing more than 4500 villages and anfalling(taking people under force, killing them, disappearing them, using them for testing the chemical and biological weapons) all the properties, as well as disappearing of  182000 people since that dates until now, in addition planting more than 15 million mines in Kurdistan region  by Iraqi army.

Again the level  of Genocide Operations of Kurdish Nation, implemented by Saddam-Ba'ath regime  took another dangerous level and the cruillity situation happened  when Halabja towen  in Kurdistan was bombed with chemical weapons at about 11.00 O’clock of 16th.March 1988, which killed more than 5000 people and more than 10,000  severely wounded from childern, women, old men and other civilians. Until today, most of them are suffering from multiple diseases, face and body deformations and very bad psychological, health and bad economical conditions, even the newly born children are suffering from the durable damaging effects of those hazardous weapons on their parents. I see here the UN complete negligence to this high priority issue is shameful, look on your organisation www.opcw.org  and see the negligence level, because you can not find an article about bombarding the Halabja town-kurdistan-Iraq, do you wait Saddam’s approval to publish an article about this issue???

I am approaching UN and its organisations to implement a necessary plan to help these victims as well as it’s the UN duty to care about restoring the environment-Nature to a normal condition. I press that according to UN regulations especially those which came out from the Durban-South Africa Congress, last summer 2002, the UN organisations are responsible to put a complete  plan including all HSE objectives

for this issue and to implement it ASAP, especially the Kurdistan local Government and the elected Kurdistan National Assembly now and since 04.10.2002 is unified and can play a very positive role in preparing and implementing such durable proposed plan. I am ready personally and as a volunteer to work in such project, and I am waiting your action please. 

These tragedies which are happening to Kurdish nation brings no any serious attention of UN and International community, and the Kurdish Case as a whole got no any political value as if Kurds were boren to be used for political distribution, geopolitical optimisation of forces and interests, experiments and testing of chemical, biologecal and most probably nuclear  bombs in near future by the goveronments which are dividing the great Kurdistan.

The behaviour of UN and the Global community so careless toward such big nation and neglecting its existence reached to this terrible level of complete negligence to look in it as a political issue, the  UN and the Security Council will be responsible for what may happen to Kurdish nation in future, and are responsible from a real implementation of afore mentioned UN Resolutions concerning stopping the repression and deportation of Kurds whithin Kurdistan and reconstruction of Kurdistan as well as providing necessary political support and  protection to Kurdistan people by recognising  present local federal government which was elected in 19.05.1992 under the UN observation and many other NGOs, especially we see now the possibility of a new war between international community and the Iraqi Ba’ath   regime.

I see that its my duty to ask UN to recognise Kurdistan Federal Government and  to allocate at least a chair in UN as an Observer, if you think that a 30-40 million Kurd Nation has no write to be a permanent constructive member under the excuse that we, Kurds have no recognised border and flag, etc….

I feel as one the Kurd’s energy expert that since long ago its the United Nations obligation to treat the Kurdish problem as one of the most ignited problem in Middle East, I consider that the UN and its Organisations are responsible from not only what is/are of governments interest as well as from the Nations interests, if it’s not so, so some corrections are to be made to the UN name and to be replaced by „ The United Governments(UG)“, in such case may be we have no right to blame the UG because it will act to keep the interests of Member Governments away from the nations as its doing now, may be you blame me that I am tough here, but I hope that you will put your self in my place and for some short instances to feel that you were born in Kirkuk, and growen there and studied Petroleum Engineering and tried for 32 years to work in the oil company in your city – Kirkuk – but never you are allowed because you are from the Kurdish nationality, in contrast deporting you and your familly to middle and south of Iraq, then working in oilfields in Iraqi desert against your wish, in addition putting your brothers and sisters in Saddam’s numerous jails,  and working in Sahara oilfields from 1970 to 1996 then seeking asylum in Europe,  please what will be your feelling and response.

Since 1991, UN Organisations are behaving doubtfully, not  recognising the south Kurdistan(North Iraq) parliamant election and its Federal Government, regardless that these elected Kurdish young authorities were inherited a demolished region not including the most important oil city Kirkuk and its surrounding, to be able with oil sell revenues to reconstruct the distroyed kurdistan and to build productive civil projects to guaranttee enough work-places for the people in the region.

On the other hand UN and its Organisations  continuous failures are quite clear in several occasions to provide the promissed safety haven to the people, to the local political parties, public organisations, as well as UN’s units and NGOs  in the region which were/are bearing the responsibilities of more than a normal government, and much difficult in such situation in which the Kurdistan region(North Irak) is subject not only to a double but a quadraple embargo from Iraqi Ba’ath regim and the UN sunction unit, as if it was the Kurds who invaded and occupied Kuwait.

It’s shameful that the cruility of UN against Kurdistan(North Iraq) is at least

Quadraple, as follows:

I.                UN embargo on kurdish region, while the Kurds them selves are the victims of Saddam Regime, likewise the Kuwait, and since 1968, and the continued deportation of Kurds and continued Saddam embargo on Kurdistan are enough facts to push UN to release its embargo on this poor region, there is no sence that the victim must pay on behalfe of the Iraqi regime, because of UN weakness toward the criminal regime and it’s supporters such as Russia. 

II.            UN doubtful behaviour in Kurdistan in fact represents a sever political embargo on Kurdish case, no insurance of protecting the region from the repeated invasions of Iraki, Turkish and Iranian armies and their secrete intelligences, left the people with political uncertinity since more than 12 years, it is the time for the UN to plan and act for a real solution to this part of Kurdistan likewise the East-Taimoor case, as well as to find a democratic  federalism regime to whole Iraq issue, and to be closely watched then-after, such partial solution to Kurdish case, may help temporary on achieving some sort of stabilisation in Iraq, but not in Turkey, Iran and Syria where 80% of Kurdish nation is suffering from an obvious repression and dictatorship of the mono-nation-governments which are getting the support from the major world leading powers because of national interests.

      A fair solution for the Kurdish case is to move the international community

      and UN according to specified regulations of human and nation rights to

      establish or to re-establish the Democratic Republic of Kurdistan of 1946.

Kindly accept my appeal to let and order your  respective authorities and bodies to hear my appeal among which to carryout a Referendum In Iraqi Kurdistan, because a remedy to Kurd's case is to give the people themselves a real say in their own future.

I believe that this should be done by means of a legally recognised body of a referendum supervised by the UN,  and international-NGOs as has occurred   before in similar and less complex cases in Yugoslavia and East Timor. 

III.        UN carelessness to encouraging and reinforcing the local elected authorities is like an other embargo, as if UN is waiting Saddam’s order to behave with humanitarian necessary  matters. UN failure to build a very necessary 400 beds hospital in Sulaimany City is an example about what I am mentioning as  hot issues which are on waiting list in front of UN slow and tired  committees. An other example is the UN-authorities drastic failure to  provide beneficial  support to the universities in Duhok, Hawler-Erbil and in Sulaimany. We know that 95% of their minimised needs given to UN each year were neglected, without giving a responsible and logic answer to them. The repeated meeting between local administration with UN organisation in Kurdistan  and numerous   memorandums sent  to UN high authorities, represent the constructive  tools,  used to ask UN to fulfil its mandate.


IV.            UN is careless(purposely) to built any productive civil projects and factories in the region to provide enough work places necessary  for the life of 5 million people in the region, regardless of huge resources which was never been available to UN, UNDP, like now from the OIL sells as per Oil for Food Program. Here our conclusions from such UN behaviour are  either UN is of need again to Saddam’s approval to build some productive projects, or UN it self has no intention in this aspect, neglecting the real demand of the people beside the other above needs, as a result of this   directly pushing people to leave the region toward Europe seeking  job chances their, during which hundreds of people were died in Mediterranean  sea or in closed transport containers, in addition to creating a lot of problems to European countries. I am asking, tell me who is/are responsible from such miserable and hazardous situations, who will compensate for the lost of life of hundreds of people who were died in Mediterranean  sea or in closed transport containers???. From who/where comes the embargo, not to build any productive civilian projects ???.

Who is/are standing behind: selling the oil produced from Kirkuk and other Kurdistan oilfields and accumulating the income in Western Banks, preventing the assigning of required budget for the development projects in area from where the oil were produced and sold.

Treating Kurdistan people in this way is not fair  and asking you to be changed, and the Kurdish nation’s dignity to be restored by applying the international justice and human rights.


Its obvious that in the absence of political certinity as well as the very bad economic sitiuation in whole Kurdistan that everyone is trying to leave Kurdistan seeking political certinity and a job from which he/she could live as any human on our Earth. The arrival of about 1000 Kurds to France shores during Febrauary 2001 is a live example to our above facts a figures and still in 2002 many ships arrived Italy, Greece and France shores.

We feel that this phenomina is to be taken seriously by UN organisations and to take  solutions suggested since long ago from the government of Kurdistan and from many NGOs  which will help to solve these continued migrations from its sources. If I’m asked,I will be ready to assist and will be ever ready to co-operate with UN authorities in this aspect.


I’m honestly here expressing my serious concerns, as its an integral part of my humanitarian, political and technical  duties toward my people in Kurdistan to participate in any efforts helping the UN organisations and the local Kurdistan Government to built/construct civil productive projects in the area benefiting from the Oil-for-Food-Programme.


Accourding to my long experience in oil industry and as the founder of first oil   project in Taqtaq in Iraqi Kurdistan 1992-1996(as reference to these facts please refer to Mr. Staford Clary the UN Field Officer in Erbil 1993-1995, and Andrew Hunter at Petroleum Data Base Service, N.Y.), at the absence of any UN and Iraqi plans to develop any oilfields in the region within the 5 years Iraqi Plans i.e. until 2006( see E & P issue August 2002 , page  28.

This means that this Safety Haven –liberated region ( about 50,000 sq. Km ) with its 5 million people will stay without any real energy projects, neglecting the corresponding  demands  and regardless the prences of 19 discovered oil and gas fields in the regions.

It is the UNDPs responsibility to assist the local authorities to exploit the local resources and to provide the necessary budget from the above programme to develop the most suitable Oil/Gas fields to guarantee the adiquate oil and gas products for the local uses and for re-construction of the destroyed villiges and to re-build the infrastructures and to have enough resources to establish new civil services and productive projects which  help the staibilty and peace in the region and to open necessary job chances for people.

In this concern, I am as an Iraqi-Kurd oil expert, prepared  a Master Plan of a Composite Energy Project proposal( Oil/Gas Fields Development + Electric Power Generation Plants) with corresponding Infrastructures and hope that the idea will win your kind attention,  and ask your approval to give me the necessary chances to meet and  to discuss the draft of this master plan with your authorities especially with your UNDP units, after which you + the local de’facto government in Kurdistan can decide to implement the plan fully or partially.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you in anticipation

Yours faithfully.

Hama-Jaza S. kader,Mr.

Consultant Petroleum Engineer

Founder of Kurdistan Oil Project

GOGTEC Consulting Office

Deister Str. 38

30449 Hannover


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